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Petitjean Paris, Maison of Silk

We are a young Parisian maison who has specialized in silk. We design shirts with pure cuts and carrés scarves with vivid prints, keeping our motto in mind: elegance lies in the details.

Petitjean Paris is the audacity of a vibrant and colorful carré scarf; it is the poise of a well-structured collar; it is a silhouette pervaded with natural confidence.

petitjean paris lea petitjean founder

Portrait of our founder

After two years working in product development for a great French maison of High-Jewelry, Place Vendôme, Léa Petitjean left the Parisian charm for the New-Yorker hustle and bustle. A few blocs away from Union Square, she worked during one year, for an e-commerce start-up in order to learn the dos and don'ts of digital marketing.

She then decided to come back to Paris in order to launch her own maison which would gather her different passions : craftsmanship, textile, dressmaking, clothe design, pictural art and creativity in a large sense. Petitjean Paris was thus born.

I wanted to specialize in a specific product in order to propose a well-mastered product. As I focused on one particular product and one fabric –both rich with a long-lasting French heritage- I as then able to start my tour de France to quest the best workshops in their own craft.
Silk was an easy fabric to chose because of its centuries-old tradition in the region of Lyon; its nobility that gives a women such elegance, no matter what the cut of her piece of clothe is; and its endless creative opportunities.
Léa Petitjean