My Parisian Adresses #5 - Lily of the Valley


M° République ou Arts et Métiers

At Lily of the Valley, we only enjoy good products, through the choice of the flour to the seasonal fruits, everything is local. We can come to taste a craft cake there and to savor an 100 % organic French tea. From the cheesecake to the cookies via cramberries scones, everything is delicious at Lily's of the Valley. 

We like: the cosy and quiet frame of the ceiling from where go down superbe suspended flowers.

Lily of the Valley

12 rue Dupetit Thouars,
75003 Paris
M° République ou Arts et Métiers
01 57 40 82 80
Monday to Friday to 8am to 6.30 pm
Saturday to Sunday from 11 am to 7pm.

Carrément votre,

Léa Petitjean