My Parisian adresses #1 - The Bossue


M° Blanche - Abesses

Some discovered madeleines to fall to the ground, others speak about the " better brunch of Paris ", welcome to The Bossue ! The Bossue is a tea house - counter located on Montmartre. Home made and with love, their cakes have to be savoured with tea or coffee. To take out or on the spot, it is a welcoming and family place.
Ideally located between Montmartre cemetery and the place of Abbesses,  make the most of a ballad in Montmartre to stop and  taste the carrot-cake, the pain perdu or either the madeleines, depending on your wish. Victim of its success, it's better to reserve for the brunch on weekend.

Petitjean Paris - La Bossue
Petitjean Paris - La Bossue

We like:
-  Cakes bakery that you see going out of the oven.
- Their cakes to the subtle associations: tea green, lime coconut or still sweet chestnut coulis of red berries

Petitjean Paris - La Bossue Comptoire.jpg

Carrément votre,