My Parisian Adresses #2 - The Café Suédois

M° Saint Paul

On the occasion of renovation of the Swedish Institute, take advantage of the reopening of the Swedish Café in September, 2017.
Installed in the Marais at the Hotel de Marle, this space where the Swedish culinary culture is honored proposes you home-made cooking. Come to enjoy the Swedish peace of mind by tasting their famous Kanelbullar, this Swedish cinnamon brioche, or sipping a hot drink.

We like:
- the friendliness of the place where each is responsible for returning the tray, and simple dishes which are made according to traditional and family recipes.
- The melodious language of the employees at the counter with its rolled "r" coming from the North.
- The small paved court of the institute opened on exhibitions putting in honor the Swedish artists all year round.

Le Café Suédois

11 rue Payenne
75003 Paris
M° Saint Paul
01 44 78 80 20
From Tuesday to Sunday from 12 am to 6pm

Carrément votre, 

Léa Petitjean