The Art of Carrés Scarves

I do carrés scarves like I do art. I choose a carré when I fall in love with its print, and I am always reiventing it. A thing I love about carrés is that every time I tie it a different way, a new print emerges from it. And each knot tells something very different about who you are.

I decided to launch this page The Art of Carrés to share with you my vision of carrés scarves. Asserted, feminine, elegant, discrete, a carré scarf can be all at once, depending on how you choose to tie it. Your morning mood, your outfit of the day or your mindset of the month will tell you which knot to pick.


Behind each portrait, you will find the instructions to tie your knot step by step and you will learn about the story of each knot.  Your carré is yours !

Carrément vôtre,