Focus on the Nanc-Ainokura

petitjean paris . carre scarf Nanc Ainokura

The Nanc-Ainokura carré scarf is part of our new line Jardin Anglais ( i.e "English Garden"). It stands out with its bright lemon-yellow and its wild flowers. Some may see anemones, others, acid poppies, or even some non-identified meadow flowers.  

The story of this carré scarf is first of all that of a journey. It starts with a friend travelling to Ainokura, Toyoma prefecture, Japan. The village is traditional with its tatched roof houses, surrounding forests and mountains, and its paths across the fields. It stands thousands of kilometers away from me and yet makes me very quiet, through my pixelated screen. 

I discover a Japanese village which could have dated from the Edo time and yet, I am more intrigued by its familiar presence than by its exoticism. It suddenly strikes me: this village at the end of the world reminds me of this litte village in Jura, my birthplace, Nanc-Lès-Saint-Amour. Both out of time, they have more in common than any cities near them.

Her pictures mingle with my memories and the print of this carré emerges: an armful of buttercups, my floral childhood souvenir, designed with Japanese lines.

Carrément vôtre,

petitjean paris
petitjean paris. carre scarf nanc ainokura
petitjean paris. carre scarf nanc ainokura