How to wear silk during summer

The silk, natural and precious, is the most elegant fabric which we would like to wear all year long. Because the silk is warm, here is a few advices to wear silk during summer.

#1. Why should you wear silk in summer:

The silk has thermoregulatory properties as well as antibacterial and hypoallergenic.
Soft and absorbent, silk is a natural fibre you should opt for during summer because its contact brings comfort and ease to our body all day long. Being natural it also lets the skin breath.
Silk contains natural amino acids and proteins which moisture your skin¹. This noble material is highly recommended for skin irritation, allergies and even asthma.

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#2. To favour:

In order to enjoy this fabric in summer, opt for a light silk and ample cut.
We would advise a fluid chiffon maxi dress to wear over a cotton dress, for a transparency matter. It is also possible to wear an  ample silk crepe shirt like the Colette. Its minimalist cut and bright color make it a smart choice for every occasion.  


#3. Accessories 

You can also accessorize your outfits with silk pieces like carré scarf and the lavalline scarf. In summer, avoid neck-tied knots and opt for  loose bows. And try wearing your silks accessories in a versatile way, like wraped around your bag handle, as a hat ribbon or even as a belt. 


At Petitjean Paris, our silk accessories are printed on a thin silk so that you can wear them throughout the year : they are not too warm for the summer season and thin enough to be worn under a wool scarf during winter time. They will accompany you at your work place and on holidays, at the beach as well as in the city, mixing styles and associations. 

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Petitjean Paris Léa Petitjean fondatrice

¹ Figaro Madame