Jardin Anglais

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Jardin Anglais or « English Garden » is our new line of silk carrés scarves, a true garden for dreamers where flowers of day, flowers of night, flowers of meadow and flowers of summit grow side by side.

To splash summer with vivid colors, I painted vermillion red, pastel pink and light grey pearling onto an ivory frame.

For my first line, Saint-Amour, I was naturally inspired by the flora of the mountainous Jura region. Roots of a life, roots of a project, roots of a painting.

But for this second line, I wanted fancy new horizons. The garden peonies proudly rise from their lime-green frame, while Impressionists blush as they gaze at the red poppies. The blue thistles hurtled down the mountains to settle on this cricket lawn.

This garden is an ark for flowers. They came from all horizons, exotic or born in the next-door garden, to take root on this piece of land across the Channel. Cosmopolitan city with no concrete, megalopolis of strollers, town of merchants of colors, welcome to our Jardin Anglais.

Carrément vôtre,

petitjean paris. lea petitjean