Our lavalline Mésanges

petitjean paris lavalline mésanges

Good morning everyone,

Today, I would like to tell you the story of our lavalline Mésanges, the French word for tits. I designed this lavalline from the print of the carré scarf of the same name.

When I first designed this carré scarf Mésanges, I thought of the very essence of Jura in the springtime. It is the chirping of birds, the vivid green of lush grass and the freshness of translucent liberty.

If this carré were a dessert, it would be a lime sorbet dusted with hazelnut crumble and petals of violets.
If it were a tea, it would be a pure Sencha ; one of those we harvest at high-altitude, in these Japanese shaded gardens. The sun does not get a chance to dry its chlorophyll, therefore when its leaves unwind in your tea cup, they slowly release their fresh greenness.

This carré scarf Mésanges, to put it in a nutshell, is a bouquet of watercress beaded with dewdrops. And so is the lavalline.
If you are wondering how to wear the lavalline Mésanges, I suggest a knot that is both feminine and assertive: the Flore knot. I particularly like how the vivid green of this print clashes with the seriousness of this tie knot.

Carrément vôtre,

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petitjean paris lavalline mesanges
petitjean paris lavalline mesanges