Seen from above

petitjean paris lavalline vues du ciel

A print is a palette of colors, a memory deeply rooted in your mind: a whole world by itself. This print Vues du Ciel, "Seen from above" in French, alternates geometric lines swaying and a luminous lavender blue - skyline on a calm sea.   

And yet, its story is not a maritime one. If you ever sail on the road of the great lakes in the French region of Jura, you should definitely head for Château-Chalon, a gorgeous vineyard village sitting on an overhang. The surrounding hillsides are covered with vineyards in terraces that wave as the landscape leans. 

During the time of the late grape harvest, the fields will be alive with many harvesters, but for the time being, the vine stocks look glum. They inspired me this geometric spectacle as I was overlooking them from the heights of Châton-Chalon. I have designed this souvenir in black and white, like a sweet mark before the festivities.

On a silk lavalline scarf or on a carré scarf, I love to wear this print with a fragrance that has a strong personality. Long Fond, "Long Sea Floor", is a scent I discovered in a little boutique of NOHO, NYC when I was living there, and it has not left my bag ever since.

With its naive flacon, this perfume is bold and ambitious. It has maritime notes obviously, but also some woody notes along with peppery notes. When I put a few drops on my wrists, I immediately see a deep and wide landscape unveiling. Then, I remember of this valley of Château Chalon. 

Carrément vôtre,

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