Our lavallines are here!

We are thrilled to introduce our new lavallines !

These thin silk scarves are a light and versatile version of the carré scarf. You can wear them with a tie knot, around your handbag handle, in your hair or even on your high-waist pants.

petitjean paris lavalline parnassies

Each of our carré inspired us with one or many designs of lavalline. You will thus find a Morphée lavalline with its vivid poppies, the Pas-De-Deux with a light pink or darkblue background, or even the Liberty de Nanc with tiny buttercups on the A side and large watercolor flowers on the B side. 

You can start with our knots Saint-Germain, Montpensier and Amantine that work perfectly well with the lavallines, on our page The Art of Carrés.

Carrément vôtre,

petitjean paris