Portrait #1 - Charlotte

Petitjean Paris- Parisian Girls - Charlotte

In 1937, Marcelle Auclair said "The young French woman is simple but chic, natural but never neglected, brave and persistent, and yet light".  If you please!
I have designed the lavallines scarves like easy accessories to wear that immediately sophisticate your outfit with a wave of magic hand. Forget the hours in front of your mirror, trying many associations: this thin silk ribbon scarf can do a lot.
With this serie of Portraits of Parisian girls, I want to show you how Parisian women around me wear them. Let's start with Charlotte whom I met in one of her favorite gardens, the Jardin des Archives, at the heart of the Marais district. 


#1. Bonjour Charlotte. First, let us know what you do? 
I am a student.

#2.What is your favorite neighborhood in Paris? 
Le Marais. (The area of the Beaubourg Museum, Saint-Paul, the City Town Hall : this Parisian district that Parisians keep for themselves with its tiny paved streets, its high-end concept stores and amazing food, from Jewish traditional bakeries to French style tea salons like the Mariage Frères first original boutique. Editor's Note)

#3. Something personal that you like to do in Paris? 
I love to wander on my own, at any hour of the day but especially at night. I take pictures and get amazed around every corner, and above all, I keep realizing that I will never get bored of Paris. 

#4. If your district were a song? 
The Nocturne Op. 9 No. 1 by Chopin.

#5. Your favorite Parisian gourmet adresse ? 
Any ambulant crêpes baker! (These thin pancakes that do not taste the same at all ;)

#6. A secret Parisian spot you would like to share ? 
The corner of the street Alphand and street Barrault in the 13th district. 

Petitjean Paris- Charlotte wearing Petitjean Paris lavalline scarf
 Lavalline scarf Mésanges- Lavalline scarf Vues du Ciel

Lavalline scarf Mésanges- Lavalline scarf Vues du Ciel

petitjean paris portraits of Parisian girls charlotte silk accessories scarves
Petitjean Paris- Charlotte

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