Take care of your silk

Delicate and soft, the silk requires to pay close attention while cleaning. This natural fiber called « solid » is fragile when wet. Here is few tips made in Petitjean Paris.

 Petitjean Paris- Carré scarf Nanc-Ainokura

Petitjean Paris- Carré scarf Nanc-Ainokura


#1. Regular cleaning :

  1. First soak your silk, in warm water for three to five minutes.
  2. Then, delicately hand-wash your piece of silk, with cold water, using Marseille soap.
  3. Wrap the silk into a dry towel. Do not spin-dry.
  4. Leave your piece on a hanger to dry in a room with average temperature (do not place it behind a sunny window).

#2. Ironing :

  1. Use the « silk and wool program of your iron ».
  2. Iron with a press cloth preliminary moistened between the iron and the piece of silk.
  3. Do not use steam nor sprinkler while ironing.
  4. Always iron on the reverse side.

#3. Wearing silk :

  • Avoid spraying scent as well as deodorant on silk.
  • We advice you to wash your piece after each wear.

#4. Removing a stain :

  1. Try out the stain remover on a small spot of your piece before applying the stain remover, in order to prevent potential greying.
  2.  Remove the stain by softly patting down the piece with a cloth wet with stain remover.
  3. Never scrub the piece of silk.
  4. To wash the stain remover, rinse the silk by patting down the silk with a wet clean cloth.
  5. For specific stain (wine, oil, blood etc.) we advise you to bring it to a professional dry-cleanner.

If you have any further concern, do not hesitate to write to us.

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