Portrait #5 - Tiphaine


For this portrait n°5, I find Tiphaine in the Garden of the Tuileries. The program: reading between the green paths of the Carrousel du Louvre and the light air of the begging of another year with our silk scarf Bad Seeds.

#1. Tiphaine, first, let us know what you do ? 
I am a lawyer in asset management.

#2. What is your favorite neighborhood in Paris ? 
The Ourcq's canal in the 19th district during summer.

#3. Something personal that you like to do in Paris ? 
Watch people dancing folk dances or any other type of dance in summer on Quai Saint Bernard (in front of the Quai de la Rapée, towards the Institut du Monde Arab, ndrl.).

#4. If your district were a song? 
Lillies of the Valley by Jun Miyake.

#5. Your favorite Parisian gourmet adresse ? 
The Yard, rue de Mont-Louis, a delicious and generous neo-bar, in the 11th district.

#6. A secret Parisian spot you would like to share ? 
Three perpendicular successive passages in rue Léon Frot, near the intersection with the rue de Charonne: they paved and bloomed, and tempt to venture there.

 Carré scarf Petitjean Paris - Bad Seeds - 175€

Carré scarf Petitjean Paris - Bad Seeds - 175€