Portrait #2 - Victoire

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For this serie of Portraits of Parisian girls, I want to show your how Parisian girls around me wear silk accessories. For this second portrait, I meet Victoire after work at Madeleine. It is around 9.pm and we’re in a hurry because we are afraid to miss the last streams of light. Line 12, Concorde, Assemblée Nationale, we get out of the subway, we walk along rue de Lille and there we are : the footbridge of Solférino, faintly lit up by a declining sun.

#1. Victoire, First, let us know what you do ? 
I work in jewelry.

#2. What is your favorite neighborhood in Paris ? 
The 18th district. (Also called Montmartre, the 18th is a hilly district at the North of Paris, where stands the basilica of Sacré-Coeur, the Moulin-Rouge and where Jean-Pierre Jeunet shot the movie Amélie, just to name a few. The Editor's note).

#3. Something personal that you like to do in Paris ? 
I have a book of puzzles and mystery walks in Paris and I pick a new district on a sunny Saturday afternoon and I spend 3 hours discovering its hidden wonders.

#4. If your district were a song? 
La Groupie du Pianiste, by Michel Berger : it is a little bit old fashion, very French and easy.

#5. Your favorite Parisian gourmet adresse ? 
Il Tre on rue Montorgueil : a classic and  great Italian restaurant !

#6.  A secret Parisian spot you would like to share ? 
It’s not really secret anymore but the Recyclerie : an unusual, federative, natural and honest place. (A former train station that was turned into a bar and restaurant with terraces and a henhouse onto the old rails, facing community gardens. They serve organic food, craft beers, cool herbal teas or ginger juice, just outside the famous Flea market of Saint-Ouen. The Editor's note)


A last picture on this true smile, but the sun is already chasing us away.

Carrément votre, 

Petitjean Paris Léa Petitjean Fondatrice