Portrait #4 - Marie


For this portrait n°4, I am meeting with Marie at Passage des Panoramas, near the Bourse Palace at the heart of the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. The program includes her pretty cool overalls, her espadrille heel shoes and a floral silk carré scarf worn the Indian way, as a headband.

#1. Marie, first, let us know what you do ? 
I work for a Consulting Expertise company.

#2. What is your favorite neighborhood in Paris ? 
Every hillock of Paris to gain a bit of height.

#3. Something personal that you like to do in Paris ? 
Wandering without a precise goal in mind in order to discover new districts and to enjoy the green areas.

#4. If your district were a song? 
« La vie normale » by the young rappers Big Flo & Oli.

#5. Your favorite Parisian gourmet adresse ? 
The So, in the 2nd district. THE perfect adress for sunday brunch meetings !

#6. A secret Parisian spot you would like to share ? 
The Villa Léandre in Montmartre. A dead end bordered with houses in the Anglo-Saxon style. I still hope to win the lottery and settle there one day !

 Carré scarf Morphée Greenery 

Carré scarf Morphée Greenery 

Carrément votre,