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Made in France

We specialized in shirts, accessories and silk in order to propose a well-mastered product. As we focused on one particular product and one fabric –both rich with a long-lasting French heritage- we were able to surround ourselves with the best workshops in their own craft.

From textile enhancement in Lyon and button casting in Jura, to dressmaking in Paris, we sought each savoir-faire in its historical region.

petitjean paris silk craftsmanship

Lyon & the silk savoir-faire

Its lustrous thread was born in Eastern lands and faithfully mastered in Lyon, an antique French city in the Rhône valley. For centuries, the weavers of Lyon have worked side by side with textile enhancers to create beautiful dyed fabrics, jaquards, brocades and, more recently, printed silks.

There, we met a prestigious textile enhancer that has been working with French couture houses for decades. He dyes our silk and prints our designs onto large sheets of silk fabric. Then, the edges of our carrés are rolled in a second workshop, near Lyon, right out of the silk workshop, to achieve roulottage, the perfect finish.




Paris is the City of Lights but also the City of Couture.
From feather workers to embroiderers, craftsmanship pulsates in Parisian workshops and remains a vivid inspiration all over the world.

Our pattern maker and our partners were trained in Paris with a constant care for utmost quality. They work with us to create elegant cuts, with a fine eye for details.

petitjean paris workshop

Paris & dressmaking