Carré Scarf Liberty of Nanc

Carré Scarf Liberty of Nanc


Our silk carré scarf Liberty de Nanc is the perfect accessory to liven up any outfit with its vivid yellow and utmost elegance.

This liberty of Nanc is a tribute to springtime in the region of Jura where our designer was born. At that particular time of the year, fields turn into a sea of buttercups and their sharp yellow then overcasts the surroundings of a tiny village called Nanc-lès-Saint Amour, the family cradle of the designer.

100% silk
0cm x 90cm / 35.5" x 35.5"
Rolled-edges finish
Made in France

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Collection n°1 - Saint-Amour

The story of our first collection takes place in Jura, the birthplace of our designer. In this mountainous region, a tiny village called Saint-Amour is covered with thousands of buttercups of vivid-yellow that extend in wide fields surrounding the familial home, during springtime.

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Lyon & the savoir-faire of silk

Its silk is smooth and woven with beautiful oblique stripes. Thanks to its comfortable dimensions, you can wear it in many adorable ways such as a classic around the neck and shoulders, but you can also twist it as head-turban or around the bust.
All our silk carrés are made in France within two workshops in the region of Lyon — a city famous for its centuries-old tradition of silk weaving and dying. Our silk printer in the region of Lyon prints the designs onto large sheets of silk fabric. The edges of our carrés are then rolled near Lyon, right out of the silk workshop, to achieve roulottage, the perfect finish that brings a final premium touch to this exclusive piece.

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