Carré Scarf Nanc-Ainokura

Carré Scarf Nanc-Ainokura


Our silk carré scarf Nanc-Ainokura has the freshness to liven up any outfit with its lemon yellow and its bright pearl grey frame, inspired from Art Déco lines.

This print is a tribute to two tiny villages both equal in charm : Nanc-Lès-Saint-Amour & Ainokura. The first one is set in the French region of Jura - the birthplace of our designer -, the second, in the Japanese prefecture of Toyama. 

100% silk
Rolled-edge finish
75cm x 75cm / 29.5" x 29.5"
Made in France

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Our print Nanc-Ainokura

The story of this carré scarf is first of all that of a journey. It starts with a friend travelling to Ainokura, Toyoma prefecture, Japan. The village is traditional with its tatched roof houses, surrounding forests and mountains, and its paths across the fields.
I discover a Japanese village which could have dated from the Edo time and yet, I am more intrigued by its familiar presence than by its exoticism. It suddenly strikes me : this village at the end of the world reminds me of this litte village in Jura, my birthplace, Nanc-Lès-Saint-Amour. Both out of time, they have more in common than any cities near them.

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Lyon & the savoir-faire of silk

Its silk is smooth and woven with beautiful oblique stripes. Thanks to its comfortable dimensions, you can wear it in many adorable ways such as a classic around the neck and shoulders, but you can also twist it as head-turban or around the bust.

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