Morphée Lavalline Scarf

Morphée Lavalline Scarf


With its red poppies and pale pink peonies, our lavalline Morphée is to be worn as a bright and fresh bouquet.

100% Silk
Thin twill silk
5cm X 95cm / 2" x 37,5"
Made in France

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Line Jardin Anglais

This garden is an ark for flowers. They came from all horizons, exotic or born in the next-door garden, to take root on this piece of land across the Channel. Cosmopolitan city with no concrete, megalopolis of strollers, town of merchants of colors, welcome to our Jardin Anglais.

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Lyon & the savoir-faire of silk

Its silk is smooth and woven with beautiful oblique stripes. Thanks to its comfortable dimensions, you can wear it in many adorable ways such as a classic around the neck and shoulders, but you can also twist it as head-turban or around the bust.

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